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Electrifying the Future: Safe and Reliable Battery Testing with HIACC

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial for sustainable transportation, but their heart – lithium-ion batteries – face demanding conditions on the road. To ensure these batteries are reliable and safe, rigorous testing is essential before they power EVs.

EUCAR Hazard Levels: A Framework for Safe Battery Testing

EUCAR, a European automotive consortium, has classified potential battery hazards into eight levels, ranging from normal aging to explosions. HIACC’s battery test chambers are designed with these EUCAR levels in mind, offering safety features to match your testing needs.

HIACC Safety Packages: Tailored Protection for Every Test

Hazard levelDescriptionClassification Level & Effect
0No effectNo effect. No loss of functionality
1Passive protection activatedNo defect; no leakage; no venting, fire or flame.
no rupture; no explosion; no exothermic reaction or
thermal runaway. Cell reversibly damaged. Repair of protection device needed.
2Defect, damageNo leakage; no venting, fire or flame; no rupture.
no explosion. No exothermic reaction or thermal
runaway. Cell irreversibly damaged. Repair needed.
3Leakage, mass change < 50%No venting, fire or flame; no rupture; no explosion.
Weight loss <50% of electrolyte weight
(electrolyte = solvent + salt).
4Venting, mass change ≥ 50%No fire or flame; no rupture; no explosion. Weight
loss ≥50% of electrolyte weight
(electrolyte = solvent + salt).
5Fire or flameNo rupture; no explosion (i.e. no flying parts).
6RuptureNo explosion but flying parts of the active mass.
7ExplosionExplosion (i.e. disintegration of the cell).

Beyond EUCAR: Additional Safety Measures

HIACC battery test chambers go beyond EUCAR standards with:

  • Gas Monitoring: CO, H2, and O2 levels are monitored to prevent dangerous buildups.
  • Inertization Equipment: Nitrogen purging helps prevent fires during testing.
  • CO2 Flushing Systems: Further enhances fire suppression capabilities.

Why Choose HIACC for Your Battery Testing Needs?

  • Safety First: Our chambers prioritize safety for both personnel and batteries.
  • Flexibility: Choose the perfect safety package for your specific test requirements.
  • Expertise: We understand the unique demands of EV battery testing.
  • Maximum Results, Minimum Risk: Achieve reliable data while minimizing safety concerns.

Don’t compromise on safety or results. Contact HIACC today to create a custom battery testing solution that meets your needs!

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