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Bench Top/ Table Top Temperature Test Chamber

Compact Test Systems
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Bench Top/ Table Top Temperature Test Chamber

HIACC tabletop chambers are compact & quiet yet adhere to multiple test standards & ideal for long term tests. Small footprint area makes it easily fit into any small lab space and can be moved across effortlessly.  

Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the test space can hold specimen up to 15 kg. The refrigeration system uses low GWP refrigerant and meets all statutory standards.

  • Temperature range: -50˚C to +175˚C(Cascade) 
  • Featuring a premium design, this equipment boasts a space-saving footprint and operates quietly, making it well-suited for offices and small labs.
  • Easy Installation
  • Two, 4″ (100mm) circular port Plugs
  • a lockable, one-handed door latch
  • Slide-Out, one adjustable product shelf
  • Temperature output terminals
  • Ethernet monitoring & control communications
  • Uniform climate Simulation
  • Frost Free Operation
  • Multi-pane fog-free tempered heated viewing window minimizes condensation with interior light
  • 4.3″ Touch Screen WATLOW F4T controller
  • Energy Saving and Low GWP Refrigerant R404A& R508B

Compact, Quiet & Mobile

Following are some of the frequently used test standards in benchtop/tabletop chambers.

IEC 60068 - 2 - 30, 2005
IEC 60068 - 2 - 78, 2012
IEC 60068 - 2 - 1, 2007
IEC 60068 - 2 - 2, 2007
IEC 60068 - 2 - 14, 2009
IEC 60068 - 2 - 38, 2009
ISO 16750-4(5.3)

Technical Specifications


 Specification/ Model KLIMA-BT/-50T/CB
Test space volume Ltr. 42L
Width mm 400
Depth mm 350
Height mm 300
Maximum temperature °C 175
Minimum temperature discontinuous °C -50
Rate of temperature change, cooling  °C/min 2
Rate of temperature change, heating °C/min 4
Temperature deviation, in time °C ±0,5 … ±1
Test Standard Compliance IEC-60068, IEC-60749, IEC-61747, MIL-STD, ISO16750, ASTM, SAE, BIS & 50 other standards
Load, max. kg 15
Load per grid kg 80
Possible number of insert grids piece 3
Voltage rating V 1/N/PE AC 230V±10% 50Hz other voltages and frequencies optional
Connected Load kW 3
Sound pressure level dB(A) 62
Total weight kg 250
Refrigerant type R404A
(*) The performance data refer to an operating room (ambient) temperature of +26 °C , 230 V/50 Hz nominal voltage, without test specimen and without accessories


(Special accessories on customer request)

Additional Port Holes 50MM, 100MM, 125MM& 150MM
Floor Loading Capacity (Customizable)
Heavy duty Customized Shelves

Touchscreen Controller

Watlow F4T Controller, a cutting-edge solution for precise temperature control and system management. With the ability to program up to 256 steps across 40 nameable profiles, the F4T boasts unparalleled flexibility and customization. The context-sensitive information key and guided steps streamline profile programming, while the four-line backlit LCD provides comprehensive visibility into programming, setup, operating, and help information. The large LED readout delivers precise chamber temperature monitoring with 0.1° resolution, and internal logic ensures reliable refrigeration compressor control. Additionally, the F4T features two alarms and seven event outputs for seamless remote device control, alongside RS-232C communications. Optional GPIB, Ethernet, and analog retransmit capabilities further enhance its adaptability. Elevate your temperature control and system management with the Watlow F4T Controller.


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