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Servo Vertical Shock Tester


Servo Vertical Shock Tester

The shock tester is commonly used for the reliability damage test of the electrical & electronic components by simulating an impact environment.


  • Fully pneumatic driven device is adopted, featuring with high reliability, environmental protection, and free of pollution
  • The system is constructed with a high strength aluminum alloy frame.
  • Safety & reliability is ensured with upper and lower displacement limit.
  • The lifting height can be adjusted and provides stable lifting operation with high precision.
  • The system can be installed at any standard industrial foundation without the need for special base.

Technical Specifications


Classification Falling ball shock tester Vertical shock tester
Specification/ Model SY16-10 SY16-15 SY16-400
Steel ball mass (kg) 10 15
Drop height (mm) 550~1600 550~2000
Max. Size of spectrum (include fixture) (mm) 300 x 180 x 100 300 x 180 x 100
Shock Waveform      
Shock acceleration (m/s²) 100-200 m/s² 150-600 m/s² 300-600 m/s²
Pulse duration (ms) 40~4 ms 18~6 ms 12~6 ms
Power Consumption (k VA) 0.4 0.4 1.5
Dimension (mm) (L x W x H) 1000 x 700 x 2100 1000 x 700 x 2500 1800 x 1400 x 2600
Weight (kg) 800 810 3800
Power Supply Three-phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Working environment Temperature range 0~40° C, humidity range ≤ 80% (non-condensing)
Standard UN 38.1 GJB150   GJB360      GJB548   GB/T2423   JJG541      IEC60068-2-27

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