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Energy Environmental Testing

With a wide array of alternative energy sources now available, rigorous environmental testing is increasingly crucial to determine their feasibility and reliability for power generation. Sources such as wind, solar, wave, and coal require comprehensive temperature and environmental testing to understand the operational limits of products reliant on these energy sources. HIACC specializes in ensuring product reliability through advanced testing chambers designed for sustainability testing that simulates real-world environmental conditions.

Solar Energy

The solar energy industry is rapidly expanding in response to global population growth and increasing demand for renewable resources. Solar energy finds applications across various industries including manufacturing, agriculture, and commercial sectors. HIACC Environmental offers cutting-edge solutions for solar panel testing. Our Environmental Walk-In Chambers and Steady State Stability Test Chambers are tailored to meet the stringent testing requirements of solar module simulation, ensuring robust performance and durability.

Wind Energy

As a consistently reliable source of renewable energy, the wind energy industry continues to grow. However, maintaining reliability requires rigorous testing of wind turbines to ensure stability in diverse environmental conditions. HIACC manufactures environmental chambers and walk-in chambers suited for applications that demand larger testing footprints. Our chambers replicate real-life environmental conditions to validate product durability and performance under varying operational scenarios.


What Tests Can You Perform?

Thermal Testing

Thermal Cycling

Humidity Testing

Condensation Testing

High/Low Temperature Testing

Aging Test

Thermal Stress Testing

Burn-in Testing

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What Tests Can You Perform?


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