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Packaging Environmental Testing

Proper packaging methods are essential across various markets for the safe transport of products from production to consumers. With evolving supply chain trends and new international packaging standards, the demand for robust industrial packaging is on the rise. Condition-controlled packaging is crucial for industrial shipping to protect and preserve products for extended periods.

To prevent external environments from compromising the products inside, shipping containers are designed to be sealable and durable, thereby extending the product’s shelf life. HIACC Environmental Test Chambers offer producers precise shelf life estimations for transported goods. By simulating environmental stressors like heat, our chambers help identify potential changes in product stability. This testing ensures that packaging meets industry standards for quality, safety, and efficacy while maintaining product integrity throughout the supply chain.


What Tests Can You Perform?

Temperature Testing

High Humidity Testing

Low Humidity Testing

Thermal Cycling

Condensation Testing

Vibration Testing

Drop Testing

What Tests Can You Perform?

For Drop and Impact Simulations


For Custom Design Simulations


Offering in Various Sizes


For Temperature Simulations


For Temperature & Humidity Simulations