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HIACC-Refurbishment _Environmental Chamber

Refurbishment & Retrofitting

Refurbishment process restores the test chamber to its state when originally manufactured while in retrofitting new upgrades or add-ons are installed to either enhance the chamber performance, testing experience or to adhere compliance regulations. For instance, HIACC retrofit old HFC(R404a, R23) refrigeration system to low GWP compliant refrigeration system. Our refurbishment goal is to produce a test chamber that is as close to the original as possible both in terms of performance and testing experience.

The process begins with an inspection of your existing chamber to study the feasibility of its refurbishment & retrofitting. All its systems & sub-systems such as refrigeration system, humidification system, compressors, electrical & instrumentation system go through rigorous diagnostics. We also study the testing data, and once all the parameters are evaluated, a gap analysis report is submitted. The Gap report describes the current state of the test chamber and lists necessary refurbishment/retrofitting required to reinstate its original state.  Post refurbishment & retrofitting, the test chamber undergoes calibration through a NABL accredited system.


Scope -Refurbishment & Retrofitting

Test Space

We refurbish & retrofit test space panels, door panels & latches, gaskets, ports, lightings, filters, trays, draining system and others.

Refrigeration & Humidity System

We retrofit refrigeration system with low GWP compliant refrigerant. The scope also includes compressors, valves, heat exchangers, fans, defrost system, LN2 boost, condensers, humidity system, among other performance improvements.

Environmental Chamber Refurbashiment & Retrofitting

Electrical System

We refurbish electrical system including relays, trip system, voltage modifications, wirings & other replacements.

HIACC - Climatic Chamber

Structural Improvements

Removes corrosion & dust, re-assemble weak/damaged external panels, , re-painting and other cosmetic enhancements for longer testing life.

climatic chamber-controller

Controller System

HIACC upgrades or retrofits your controller system with multiple options of mounting such as door mount & under door mount. We also update controller software with the latest firmware & features.

Customised/Turnkey Solutions

We also refurbish & retrofits customised test chambers with integration, HALT/HASS, vibration test systems, shock & bump test systems and other reliability testing systems.

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