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Custom Built Chambers

For Custom Sized Temperature with Humidity Simulations

Custom Built Chambers

Our ability to offer customized options for challenging testing requirements are what makes us strong. Our design engineering team has the know-how to customize environmental test chambers so they can work in unison with current technology, meet specific size requirements, and handle unusual testing scenarios.

When it comes to constructing humidity, temperature, and altitude-rated chambers for top aerospace and defense contractors or using the environmental chamber to test processors for computer manufacturers, our meticulous team is dedicated to providing solutions that not only fulfill project specifications, but also surpass industry standards for quality.

With Kilma, you can save both time and money

Klima is customisable to conduct testing as per your choice. Below are some of the frequently used test standards in Klima.

IEC 60068 - 2 - 30, 2005, Environmental testing Part 2-30:, Tests: Damp heat, cyclic,
IEC 60068 - 2 - 78, 2012, Environmental testing Part 2-78:, Tests: Damp heat, steady state

Technical Specifications

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.


(Special accessories on customer request)

Additional Port Holes 50MM, 100MM, 125MM& 150MM
Floor Loading Capacity (Customizable)
Air Dryer for Low RH Applications
Heavy duty Customized Shelves
Water-Cooled Refrigeration Systems
Remote Refrigeration/ Condensing Unit
Booster Cooling through LN2 up to -150 Deg C

Touchscreen Controller

Experience seamless control with HIACC’s flagship Touchscreen Controller, designed to simplify even the most complex testing procedures. Featuring USB access and Ethernet connectivity, this controller offers unparalleled flexibility.

Here are some of its key features:

Chamber Home
Chamber Menu
Process MIMIC
Chamber Diagnostics
Alarm Status

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