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Refurbishment &
Retrofitting Services

Refurbishment process restores the test chamber to its state when originally manufactured while in retrofitting new upgrades or add-ons are installed to either enhance the chamber performance, testing experience or to adhere compliance regulations. For instance, HIACC retrofit old HFC(R404a, R23) refrigeration system to low GWP compliant refrigeration system. Our refurbishment goal is to produce a test chamber that is as close to the original as possible both in terms of performance and testing experience.

Installation &
Maintenance Services

Continuous performance of a test chamber determines its reliability. A carefully planned periodic maintenance plan helps the test chamber from constant breakdowns and maintains the reliability. Our affordable and comprehensive annual maintenance plan protects your test chamber from unexpected breakdowns and reduces cost over-run. The warranty plan is also applicable to the products from the other manufacturer.

Rent a Chamber

HIACC offer selected test chambers on rent based on its stock availability. If you are limited by budget or have an immediate requirement, you can opt for our rental service. Currently, we offer this service at only selected locations in India.

Multi Brand

Now even if you have a test chamber of other brands and its warranty runs out, HIACC is here to help. We will help you get more out of your test chamber.