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Annual Maintenance & Care of Test Chamber

Annual Maintenance & Care

Continuous performance of a test chamber determines its reliability. A carefully planned periodic maintenance plan helps the test chamber from constant breakdowns and maintains the reliability. Our affordable and comprehensive annual maintenance plan protects your test chamber from unexpected breakdowns and reduces cost over-run. The warranty plan is also applicable to the products from the other manufacturer. Our services engineers regularly check critical systems, refurbish/retrofit components and perform periodic preventive maintenance while keeping your cost minimum.

AMC Features

<24hr Response

We leads the industry with lowest customer response time (CRT). Our engineers address the problems in less than 24 hours.

Periodic Inspection

Periodic Inspection of Internal Systems such as refrigerant, electrical & instrumentation.

System & Software

We perform regular software & controller system updates to provide better testing experience.


Calibration of the control system as per the required test standard to ensure regulatory adherence.

Saves Cost & Discount

Our AMC plan substantially decreases your running cost. We also offer discounts on material & labour.

Priority Shipping

We ships materials and deploy technician at T+1 day. Out motto is to provide un-intrupted testing.

Training & Workshops

Regular training & workshops sessions for chamber operations & preventive maintenance.

Supports Global Brands

Our AMC support is extended to test chambers from all other global brands including its parts.

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