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Who we are

HIACC is the manufacturer of environmental & reliability testing products.

HIACC is the manufacturer of environmental & reliability testing products. With more than 100+ satisfied customers, we are among the few manufacturers who provide a complete range of Environmental Test Systems as well as Mechanical Test Systems. Our support & service have earned the reputation of being the only company in India which offers less than 24hr customer complaint response time (CCRT).

Since our inception, we are at the forefront in adopting new testing technologies to simplify the reliability testing process and provide an unmatched testing experience to customers. It has resulted, our products and services being widely used by many including Fortune 500 companies in India such as Bosch, Flex, Continental, Danfoss, Qualcomm, Mando, HCL, Vishay, OnSemi, Royal Enfield and many more.

With customers becoming more conscious about product reliability, companies are constantly pushing the quality assurance of their products. Manufacturers are customising their reliability testing methodology to find any hidden possibility of failures in their product. To conduct such customised testing requires customised reliability test system and it is where HIACC has a firm foothold in India. A large share of HIACC offerings are built around customisation and we are playing an active role in solving tomorrow’s reliability mysteries of a product.

HIACC also has a separate OEM service division which provides support services for Environmental Test Chambers manufacturer by other OEMs/brands such as ESPEC, Weiss, CTS, Test Equity, CSZ and others. It includes Refurbishment & Retrofitting of old test systems, AMC for your fleet of test systems or part supply for non-India OEM product.

Customer Focus

Every product rolled out from our plant is a result of our close collaboration with customers at every stage of its development. Our flexibility in product customisation is result of our customer focus approach.


It’s the innovation which makes a simulation chamber different from the other. Our test chamber not only test the reliability of your product but also simplify the testing procedure with minimum manual interventions and deep insights.

Personal Approach

We go extra mile to ensure our customers gets best in class experience and personal care from us. Our customer centric philosophy is transforming us from a manufacturer to solution provide


Engineering is in our DNA

Founded in 2013 as a service provider for Environmental Test Chambers,and Vibration Test systems.
HIACC became our brand name and we transitioned from a service provider to product manufacturer.
we moved our operations to a new manufacturing facility at Poonamallee, Chennai with a monthly production capacity of up to 19 units.
our Refurbishment & Retrofiring services for other OEM products helped customer save $1 million in procurement.
We moved our operations to a new manufacturing facility at Thirumazhisai, Chennai with a monthly production capacity of up to 33 units.
Completed the milestone of 200 production units from our Chennai plant.


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We are wherever you need us.