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Testing Tight Spots? HIACC’s Got the Key (and the Gloves!)

The world of electronics is shrinking rapidly, but your testing options shouldn’t follow suit. Miniaturization in the cutting-edge electronics sector creates new challenges, especially when it comes to accessing test samples within a controlled environment.

At HIACC, we understand the critical need for precision and flexibility in testing these miniaturized components. That’s why we developed a Customized Low RH (Relative Humidity) Control Environmental Test Chamber with a revolutionary feature: Integrated Glove Ports!

Here’s how this innovative solution tackles your testing challenges:

  • Uninterrupted Access: Imagine being able to safely manipulate your delicate test samples during chamber operation without compromising the temperature or humidity levels. Our integrated glove ports make that a reality! No more disrupting tests to access samples – maintain a constant, controlled environment throughout the entire testing process.
  • Precision Control: The chamber boasts a top-of-the-line Bry-Air (Asia) Private Limited dehumidifier, ensuring a precise LOW RH CONTROL RANGE of 10% RH at 10°C. This creates the perfect recipe for accurate testing, eliminating any potential for moisture interference.

Say goodbye to disrupted testing and hello to a streamlined, efficient process! HIACC’s Customized Low RH Control Environmental Test Chamber with Glove Ports empowers you to:

  • Minimize Test Disruptions: Maintain a controlled environment while safely accessing samples during testing.
  • Maximize Testing Efficiency: Streamline your testing workflow and reduce overall testing time.
  • Ensure Accurate Results: Eliminate moisture interference with precise low RH control.

Contact HIACC today to learn more about this innovative solution and how it can revolutionize your miniaturized electronics testing!

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