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The Future of Electronics Reliability: How Benchtop/ Tabletop Test Chambers are Transforming the Industry

Compact Testing Solution for Electronics/Tele communications/Networking/IoT/ 5G/ and Mechanical devices

Introducing the KLIMA-BT/-50T from HIACC, Developed to perform for temperature testing in limited floor space environments. This compact, Cascade (Double-stage) Benchtop/ Tabletop Test Chamber offers a 42-liter test space and a flush-mounted controller, allowing for easy passage through narrow doorways and minimal floor space usage. The interior workspace dimensions of 400W x 350D x 300H (all in mm) make it suitable for temperature testing small products, subassemblies, or components.

Powered by a 1 HP, Cascade (Double-stage) hermetic compressor, the KLIMA-BT can achieve temperatures ranging from -50°C to +175°C, providing moderate to fast temperature change rates and efficient utility consumption. This chamber is available exclusively in temperature configurations.

Moreover, the KLIMA-BT is equipped with the WATLOW 4.3-inch, color, graphical Touch Sensitive Programmer Controller, The WATLOW has been designed and refined specifically for Benchtop/ Tabletop Test Chamber applications. The interactive touch-sensitive keypad and informative display make program entry and monitoring easy. With build-in RS232 and Ethernet connections, the KLIMA-BT interfaces with a computer for PC control and recording test data, while the web server feature enables remote access.

(*) The low GWP Refrigerants R449a and R508B are offered as required by customers.

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