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Essential Preventive Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Maintenance Guidelines

HIACC service handbook lists precautionary, regular and critical guidelines to be followed for the continuous operation of a test chamber. We have specified in detail, the service & support process for all the major global brands. Our team of experts helps ensure your test chamber works consistently with minimum downtime at an affordable cost. We are committed to giving you a wholesome testing experience.

Following are some of the essential  practices to ensure a longer life for your test chamber:

Basic Maintenance Check Lists

CHECKPOINTS (Environmental Chamber) GUIDELINES
Test Space a) Periodic inspection of test space for the presence of foreign materials such as dirt, metal pieces etc.   Clean the test space properly.
b) Periodic inspection of chamber lamp, wet-bulb wick & viewing window panels. 
c) Check the door closure system at regular interval for wear & tear. 
d) Clean dehumidifier’s air filter
e) Regularly check the water draining system
Refrigeration & Humidification System a) Maintain a regular log of compressor performance
b) Periodic cleaning of compressor fuel tank.
c) Regularly Change air filter & air/oil separator in the compressor
d) Monitor abnormal vibrations, noises & leakages
e) Periodic cleaning of condenser filter
f) Check refrigerant leakage & consumption level
g) Regularly clean water pump filter
Electrical System a) Regularly clean electrical compartments
b) Monitor & test electrical breakers.
c) Periodically check the overheat protection trip system.
External Structure a) Regularly check any presence of corrosion, damage & leakages
b) Periodically check precautionary alarm systems.

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