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R404A, R23 Phase-Out: Deadline is Near, Are You Ready?

HFC refrigerants such as R404A, R507A, R422D, R23 have high GWP (Global Warming Potential) ratings making them one of the main reasons for global warming. Hence their consumption and manufacturing across the globe are increasingly restricted. As per the Montreal Protocol, its participating countries of over 190 in which India is also a member have agreed to implement a series of time-bound steps to phase out HFC refrigerants completely. India is well ahead with its plan to cut down a substantial amount of consumption and manufacturing of HFC refrigerants like R404A & R23 by 2023 while complete phase-out is planned to achieve by 2030.

R404A refrigerant (a widely accepted alternative to CFC R502) is critical for the operations of Environmental Test Chambers with low & medium temperature range (less than -40°C). Another HFC refrigerant called R23 used more specifically in Environmental Test Chambers with the cascade refrigeration system (-40°C to -80°C). R23 is much more dangerous to the environment with its high GWP rating of 14800.

Many developed countries have fast-tracked their phase-out program by 2020-21 while India is targeting to achieve more than half of the phase-out in the next two years. The phase-out will ban production and supply of R404A & R23 forcing companies to switch to alternative refrigerants which naturally comes with additional cost burden. For those with existing Environmental Test Chambers can either buy a new chamber (which of-course is a much more costly affair) or can retrofit their existing test chambers with the new refrigeration system. HIACC for the last two years is helping customers in this transition by retrofitting their current test chambers from all major global brands with the new refrigeration system. The newly retrofitted system seamlessly works with any alternative refrigerants of R404A & R23.

The refrigerant retrofit will not only ensure your environmental compliance but will also have the benefit of getting rid of low-efficiency refrigerants like R404A. Even though R404A is a popular refrigerant, but it is known for poor energy efficiency leading to higher cost. With alternative refrigerants, there are anywhere between 7% to 12% electricity savings.

The refrigerant retrofit service of HIACC is cost-effective and compatible with all test chamber models irrespective of its manufacturer. Following are the benefits of joining with us in this in this initiative:

a) With minimum design changes, we modify the refrigerant system to be compatible with alternative refrigerants. These small changes not only cost less but also increases energy efficiency through new alternative refrigerants.

b) In the retrofit process, we also upgrade old systems of the Environmental Test Chamber such as valves, joints, among others, which will further help in reducing the refrigerant leakages.

c) Our carefully planned programme checks all components & system functionality of the test chambers and this has often uncovered many problems. By rectifying such issues the reliability if the test chamber can be further improved.

With an increasing global commitment against HFC-refrigerants countries are now more determined than ever to phase-out such refrigerants at the earliest. Companies across the globe have also pledged their allegiance to this noble cause. With deadlines looming over, it’s the choice between Delay vs Cost.

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