Drive-In Chamber for Vehicle Testing

HIACC Drive-In test chambers are used by the automobile industry for climate test, fatigue test and multiple integration tests. The pre-fabricated panels with urethane insulation provide moisture vapour seal. The temperature ranges from – 40°C to 80°C with a floor loading capacity of 3000 kg. Provisions to purge exhaust fumes from the vehicle (2/4 wheeler) during Cold Start Test

Optimised heating & cooling system offers higher performance & energy efficiency. The test chamber can be customised suiting to different test standards.


Technical Specifications

Temperature RangeUp to – 40°C to 80°C
Humidity Control20% RH to 98% RH
Floor Loading Capacity3000 kg
FeaturesProvisions to purge exhaust fumes from vehicle (2/4 wheeler) during Cold Start Test

Touchscreen Controller

HIACC’s flagship touchscreen controller provides ease of doing complex testing. It is equipped with USB access & ethernet with a range of flexibility. Following are some of the features of the controller.

Home Menu – Controller

Process Mimic

Alarm Status

Factory Settings

Chamber Dianostics

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