Vibration Shakers

Standard Vibration Shaker comes with wide frequency band, better mobility and light in weight. It is ideal for testing small specimen and is widely used in the calibration of the accelerometer.

The other range called Modal Shakers has higher displacements and accelerations of up to 1000 m/s2 as compared to standard shakers. The shaker is much lighter and comes with air cooling.

Modal Shaker
Standard Shaker
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Standard Shakers

Modal Shakers

Technical Specifications


Specification Modal Shaker (ESD-045) Standard Shaker (ESS-050)
Sine Force (N) 450 500
Frequency Range (Hz) 5~6000 5~10000
Max. displacement (mm) 25 16
Max. velocity (m/s) 1.6 1.2
Max. acceleration (m/s²) 1000 300
Screw Model M6
Max. load (kg) 20
Power Supply Requirement AC 220 V ± 10%      50Hz   1300 VA
Working Environment Requirement Temperature range 0~40°C, humidity range ≤ 80% (non condensing)
First Resonance Frequency (Hz) 4000 7000
Effective mass of moving elements (kg) 0.45 1.25
Weight (kg) 15 118
Armature table diameter (mm) 120
Dimension (L x W x H:mm) 345 x 225 x 305 400 x 350 x 465
Power Amplifier PA-1200 PA-1200
Cooling Type Air Cooling Built-in Blower

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