Vertical Shock Tester (Hydraulic)

The hydraulic vertical shock test system converts high-pressure liquid energy into kinetic energy to create a reciprocating movement of the element through an electro-hydraulic servo valve.

The energy conversion and amplification is used to simulate the vibration or shock encountered in the actual usage environment. The intent of the testing is to optimise the product structure to withstand the actual shock environment it is expected to encounter.

This test solution is commonly used in automotive, packaging, construction and steel structure as well as aerospace, mechanical and electrical products.


Technical Specifications


 Specification/ ModelSY10-5SY10-25SY10-50SY10-100SY10-200SY10-500SY10-1000
 Max. Payload (kg)525501002005001000
 Table size (mm)200 x 200300 x 350500 x 500500 x 500600 x 800800 x 10001000 x 1200
 Shock WaveformHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoid
 Shock Acceleration (m/s²)50~30,000150~1,00030~15,000150~1,000100~12,000150~1,000300~1,000100~12,000150~1,000300~1,000100~6,000150~1,000300~1,000100~4,000150~600300~600100~2,500150~500300~500
 Pulse Duration (ms)20~0.518~660~0.818~660~118~612~660~218~612~660~18~612~660~418~612~6

 Dimension     (L x W x H:mm)900 x 700 x 23001100 x 750 x 25001300 x 1000 x 26001300 x 1000 x 26001500 x 1200 x 27001800 x 1400 x 27501700 x 1480 x 3100
 Weight (kg)9001,6002,6002,6005,0008,00010,000
 Oil Source ModelHYS30L3.7HYS60L7.5HYS200L25
 Power Supply380V 50/60Hz 2.2kW380V 50/60Hz 3.7kW380V 50/60Hz 7.5kW
 Control Cabinet ModelSCL
 Control Cabinet Dimension1000 x 555 x 1300
(L x W x H:mm)
 StandardGJB150   GJB360   GJB548      GB/T2423   JJG541   IEC60068-2-27

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