Industrial Oven

Industrial Oven / Curing Chamber / Burning Chamber / Muffle Furnace

Industrial Oven

Our temperature chamber or oven is extensively used for high-temperature tests as well as for drying, curing, heat treatment & softening applications.

Through convection heat transfer, a uniform temperature is maintained, and the controller plays a vital role in the programmed operation. The single moulded structure made with stainless steel is corrosion & rust-free. Convenient door design, ample test space and enhanced heating performance add more values to HIACC ovens.

HIACC Ovens comes in benchtop and floor base design.

Enhanced heating performance at affordable cost.

Temperature uniformity, consistency, rate of heating & recovery time are programmed precisely to provide best in class reliability.

Energy efficient
Micro processor based PID controllers ( With Timer function)
Air Change for Curing process (Optional)
Movable floor stand and stacking frame (Optional)
Thermal fuse, door switch, leakage breaker, heater wiring breaker, Upper & lower temperature limit alarm, reverse prevention relay & overheat protector are provided for safety.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Celsius 120 Celsius 200 Celsius 400 Celsius- 600 Celsius 1000
Inner Dimensions ( WxDxH ) 500 x 400 x 600 600 x 500 x 650 750 x 600 x 850 800 x 800 x 900 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Chamber volume (Litres) 120 195 382 576 1000
Temperature Range RT+10°C ~ 200°C
300°C (Optional)
Temperature Accuracy 1°C 1°C 1°C 1°C 1°C
Stainless Steel Shelves 2Nos 2Nos 2Nos 2Nos 2Nos
Power Supply 230V 1PH 50Hz
Viewing Window 300 x 300mm or 400 x 400mm (Optional)
Port Hole with plug Diameter 50mm and 125mm (Optional )
Floor Stand Movable on wheel with lockable system (Optional )

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