Climatic Test Chamber

Temperature & Humidity Simulations

Climatic Test Chamber

Klima range of Climatic Chambers simulates temperature & humidity in its test space. With the new design, an upgraded refrigeration system & intelligent controller, Klima is now more efficient than ever and provides uninterrupted testing experience.

Optimised heating & cooling system offers higher performance & energy efficiency.  The test chamber can be customised suiting to different test standards. It comes with larger viewing window, ports for live specimen testing, visual alarm system, improved mobility and smaller footprint.

With Kilma, you can save both time and money

Klima is customisable to conduct testing as per your choice. Below are some of the frequently used test standards in Klima.

IEC 60068 - 2 - 30, 2005, Environmental testing Part 2-30:, Tests: Damp heat, cyclic,
IEC 60068 - 2 - 78, 2012, Environmental testing Part 2-78:, Tests: Damp heat, steady state
IEC 60068 - 2 - 1, 2007, Environmental testing Part 2-1:, Tests: Cold
IEC 60068 - 2 - 2, 2007, Environmental testing Part 2-2:, Tests: Dry heat
IEC 60068 - 2 - 14, 2009, Environmental testing Part 2-14: Tests: Change of temperature
IS 9000 Part II Sec. 1 to 4, 1977 & Sec. 1 to 5, 1977, Basic climatic test procedures, Part 2:Cold test Part 3: Dry heat test
IS 9000 Part IV, 2008 & Part V Sec. 1 & 2, 1981 Basic climatic test, Part 4: Damp heat, steady state, Part 5: Damp heat, cyclic test.
IS 9000 Part VI, 1978, Basic climate test, Part 6: Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Klima -40T Klima -70T
Temperature Range – 40°C to +180°C – 70°C to +180°C
Standard Volume Range 110 L, 225L, 270L, 450L, 580L, 1000L, 1500L 110 L, 225L, 580L, 1000L, 1500L
Minimum Temperature -40°C -70°C
Maximum Temperature 180°C 180°C
Rate of Temperature Change(options) 1 °C/Min to 3°C/Min, Upto 20°C/Min 1 °C/Min to 3°C/Min, Upto 20°C/Min
Humidity Range 10%RH to 98%RH 10%RH to 98%RH
Customisability Yes Yes
Refrigeration System Single Cascade
Low GWP Refrigerant (option) Yes Yes
Test Standard Compliance IEC-60068, ISO16750, ASTM, SAE, BIS & 50 other standards

Touchscreen Controller

HIACC’s flagship touchscreen controller provides ease of doing complex testing. It is equipped with USB access & ethernet with a range of flexibility. Following are some of the features of the controller.

Home Menu - Controller
Home Menu - Controller
Process Mimic
Alarm Status
Factory Settings
Chamber Dianostics
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