Large Energy Medium Weight Shock Tester

Large energy shock test system is used to simulate the shock from the explosion environment and to test the impact of the shock on components used in aerospace, aviation and ships.The system test anti-explosive & anti-knock performance of specimen.

Due to high shock energy testing, a special foundation is needed for installations and seismic isolation from around the building.


Technical Specifications


Specification/ Model SY17-2H Vertical Strong Shock Tester SY17-2L Horizontal Strong Shock Tester
Payload (kg) 120~3500 120~3500
Table size (mm) 1500 x 1500 1500 x 1800
Hammer Weight (kg) 1360 2250
Measuring Channel 4-BNC 4-BNC
Power Consumption (k VA) 11 22
Dimension (mm) 3300 x 2700 x 4000 18500 x 2500 x 1000
Weight (kg) 95000 180000
Anvil Stroke (mm) 8. 76
Swing arm length (mm) 1830
Max. spectrum velocity (m/s²) 0.4
Power supply 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Max. spectrum velocity with full load (m/s²) 5
Table free stroke (mm) 38
Table cushioning stroke (mm) 115
Max. height from specimen COG to table (mm) 1000
Bay center Lateral offset (mm) ≤ 200
Standard GJB4.9   GJB150.18      GJB360 GB/T2423.5   GJB150.18

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