Responding to Covid-19 all together

How HIACC is helping customers with Covid-19 Lockdown 1


We are now operational and our support team is resolving customer’s challenges to resume the normal testing on a war footing.



Protecting life and livelihood remains our main goal in this challenging time. Our manufacturing units are now operational & no downsizing.

How HIACC is helping customers with Covid-19 Lockdown 2


We are now providing remote training and installation process to all our customers through e-learning & webinar.

How HIACC is helping customers with Covid-19 Lockdown 3


Being an EHS adhered organisation, we follow all guidelines of social distancing and hygiene across our units and by support engineers.

Together Against Covid-19

We all are under tremendous pressure to work through issues which we have never faced in the past. Both consumers and sellers are equally affected in this global health crisis. Despite this challenging time, we see this as a temporary pause on the way forward. Companies which can utilise the time to optimise their product R&D and supply chain will be better positioned to leverage the demand of post lockdown world.

The relationship we built with customers over the years is core to our growth and we stand with them always. We are now guiding customers in saving their cost of R&D testing. We refurbish old test chambers of customers thereby saves millions in the procurement of a new test system. We are also helping customers in reducing their procurement lead time by providing local replacement parts for their OEM (imported) products. Besides these, HIACC has also extended the warranty on all its product from 1 year to 2 years.

To all our customers and communities we are grateful for your support and we stand with you.

Free Inspection of Test Chamber & 2 Year Warranty

Environmental Chambers comes with high capital cost where any minor equipment failures or part replacements are not only proves costly but also delays entire testing process and if the test chamber is of imported then the lead time & cost further increases.

HIACC is now providing free inspection for following types of test chamber (any OEM). We have also increased our warranty coverage from 1 year to 2 years.

How HIACC is helping customers with Covid-19 Lockdown 4

Refurbish Old Test Chamber and Reuse for 5 years

Why Buy a New Test Chamber when Refurbishment is a Viable Option ?

How HIACC is helping customers with Covid-19 Lockdown 5

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