Customised Test Chamber with Overhead Condenser

Environmental Test Chamber with Overhead Condenser

Condenser in an Environmental Test Chamber plays an important role of removing heat from refrigeration system. There are Air Cooled & Water-Cooled condensers which are selected based on test requirement or chamber specification. HIACC use air cooled condenser in small or standard range of environmental test chambers while for larger test applications we use remote condensers. In the industry a remote condenser is placed somewhere away from the test chambers and if the test lab does not have enough space, then it becomes a constraint to install high performing test chambers in limited area.

HIACC has come-up with an effective space saving solution against such space constraints i.e by placing the remote condenser on the top of the test chamber frame. The refrigerant is piped to the condenser, where high velocity fans cool it before it is returned to the system. Our innovation keeps the ambient air at condenser to its lowest possible and keep the system running efficiently. We are now providing such customised solutions to customers across India, and it proved to be a successful innovation.

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Technical Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Temperature Range Up to –70°C or 180°C
Volume Range 225 Litres
Warranty 2 Years
Rate of Temperature Change(options) 3°C/Min
Refrigeration System Single or Cascade System
Test Standard
IEC 60068-3-5

Touchscreen Controller

HIACC’s flagship touchscreen controller provides ease of doing complex testing. It is equipped with USB access & ethernet with a range of flexibility. Following are some of the features of the controller.

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Chamber Dianostics

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