Benchtop/TableTop Chamber

HIACC tabletop chambers are compact & quiet yet adhere to multiple test standards & ideal for long term tests. Small footprint area makes it easily fit into any small lab space and can be moved across effortlessly.  

Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the test space can hold specimen up to 15 kg. The refrigeration system uses low GWP refrigerant and meets all statutory standards.


Compact, Quiet & Mobile

Following are some of the frequently used test standards in benchtop/tabletop chambers.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Klima-BT Klima-BT
Temperature Range – 30°C to +175°C – 63°C to +175°C
Standard Volume Range 42 L 42 L
Inner Dimension 400x350x300 mm 400x350x300 mm
Rate of Temperature Change(options) 2°C/Min 2°C/Min
Customizability Yes Yes
Refrigeration System Single Cascade
Low GWP Refrigerant (Option) Yes Yes
Test Standard Compliance IEC-60068, ISO16750, ASTM, SAE, BIS & 50 other standards
Warranty 2 Year Extended Warranty

Touchscreen Controller

HIACC’s flagship touchscreen controller provides ease of doing complex testing. It is equipped with USB access & ethernet with a range of flexibility. Following are some of the features of the controller.

Home Menu – Controller

Process Mimic

Alarm Status

Factory Settings

Chamber Dianostics

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